Simply Paris

I feel like a love sick puppie,  I miss my best friend. I can’t wait til he comes home !!
The Fact That We Just Had This Conversation! I Miss & Love Him So Much !!!!

Good Morning BTW
He said “If You Believe Everything Is Going To Be Okay, You Can’t Doubt It. Don’t Even Allow Yourself To Let Doubt In Your Mind. Stay Positive At All Times” . 

Even Tho He’s Not Here Physically,  He Still Finds A Way To Make My Day! 

I Love You @340_rudebwoi
I Wish I Could Sleep.. Its Not The Same When You Not Here :’(
You’re A Great Person, & I’ll Never Let Anyone Say Otherwise. Unfortunate Things Happen, But That Should Never Be Any Reason For Someone To Pass Judgment On Your Character. As Long As Your Close Family,Friends, & I Know Your Heart, It’s All That Really Matters! I Love & Miss You So Much, But I Know God Got You! 

Forever My Heart 

She Retweeted Me, So You Know I’m Happy @ihatejhonniblaze